Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apocalyptic Accessories.

My love affair with accessory label, That's Mona started when we met at Natasha and Gizmo's vintage fashion show. After I arrived at a cozy hair salon in Brooklyn, I walked into a tiny showroom and there they were, resting perfectly on the display. It was love at first sight.

Then, Filipino designer, Mona, came to introduce us. Here's the story.
"It is the meeting of two different worlds, the indigenous meets the city. Tribal meets rural/industrial. The movie Apocalypto by Mel Gibson (stirred up the idea), but I researched deeper into my own culture because, I was an immigrant at one point. Living in a small world to the bigger industrial world." - Mona.
Mona's necklaces are named in her native language, Ilokano. The very first necklace is INAYON (meaning Connect), followed by TUBO (meaning Native) and CAADA (meaning Existance).
What I love about her designs is that she mixes soft natural elements with hardcore industrial materials to perfection. Feathers and beads made from bones blend in with machine screws, pins, metal as though they are meant for each other.

There isn't one piece that deems unsuitable for men to wear. All her handmade statement necklaces can be worn by both genders. It is indeed great but not so great for us ladies, as the gentlemen now get to wear what we wear. But in any case, fashion is for all, isn't it?

Here are the five facts about Mona, exclusively for VW.:

1. Mona has a twin sister name Lisa. (Mona Lisa. Their Mum must be a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci)

2. She is also a hairstyle, nail artist, appareal and jewelry designer. (Seriously, why is the world so unfair.)

3. Family is the most important thing to her.

4. She enjoys bringing diverse crowd of people together to create friendships.

5. She's bilingual, and speaks Ilokano.

Oh and did I tell you how much I love That's Mona's logo too? When I first saw it, it seemed like an abstract piece with geometrical shapes and lines. But with a closer look, it is spelt as 'MONA'. Now which one shall I buy? Seriously, I'm spoilt for choice.

That's Mona ships both in US and worldwide. For more information, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing jewelry with beautiful attention to detail.. Also love the meanings and story behind the names of the pieces!


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