Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pompadour Amour.

Anna Wintour has her signature bob, Kate Lanphear has her platinum blonde, Carine Roitfeld has her golden shoulder locks and the list goes on. With so many years in the fashion industry, these women no doubt have finally found their trademark hairstyle. 

Amongst them, it is Suzy Menkes' statement pompadour which caught my attention. I am dying to find out what inspired her to do that to her hair every single day without fail. The only photo I've seen of her with a different hairstyle (or not) is when she was honoured OBE. Yes, she was wearing a hat and her pompadour beneath it. And so, I've looked it up (on Wikipedia) and found out that it started waaaaay back in history (1700s) by Madame de Pompadour (why are we not surprised). But there's nothing to why she styled her hair that way either. 

Whatever is it that triggered my curiosity, I am still super keen to find out. So Suzy (if you're reading), what inspired you?

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