Monday, November 14, 2011

Power Preppers.

Meet Natasha and Gizmo, the prettiest preppy preppers in New York. They not only channel the ultimate preppy style from (like how Tyra Banks says it) H-to-T (head-to-toe), from the glasses, earrings, bow tie, watch, shirt, blazer to pants, socks and shoes. Seriously, which chick does it better than them? Don't you love their unique hairstyles too? Natasha's take on curls and Gizmo's braided dreadlocks are both fresh and original.

This preppy style which originated in the 1950s has definitely grown over the years. All sorts of prints, including checks, stripes, squares and even polka dots, and colours are mix-and-matched as people start to have fun with it.

Natasha and Gizmo are proud collectors of all things vintage. Gizmo owns Vintage Honeyz. I met them at WIlliamsburg Flea Market where they have a stall and fell in love with their styles. Be sure to check them out every Sunday. Oh! And did I mention they are BFFs too? How cute is that?

The thing about fashion is that you can do preppy style today and punk chic tomorrow. It's all about having a great time exploring different styles and being comfortable in your own skin and body. That's exactly what I love about it.

Stay tuned for my favourite male prepper.

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