Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Last Breathe.

Yes, I know. Viona, where have you been?! Have you forgotten about your blog because of your last crazy shopping week in NYC and another two weeks of 'No Internet' trip to spend quality time with your family in Melbourne? Well.. No, of course I have not forgotten about my blog and especially my readers, but I am still human you know? I am not an obssessive hardcore blogger who spends his/her time at home all day taking outfit photos, going for events and taking more photos, and getting people to take a lot more photos of themselves... At least not when I get to travel so much. Okay, let's get done with some serious fashion talk right now!

I resonate with Bloodbuzz's latest collection a lot. The title itself, Drowning in Dreams, caught my attention immediately while the campaign images with their perfect use of prints, laces, drapes and all things flowy intrigued me even more. I was indeed drowning in dreams when I was in NYC. (Let's not go back there just yet!).

With a fashion designing background from London, designer, Kimberly K Wong sure knows how to bring her experience to her advantage. She mixes the two Es, Elegance & Edge impeccably, not forgetting the importance of the wearability of her designs. 

I am a big fan of all things fluid (check out my play with the wind here). So the Carousel Circle Dress and Black Burning Heart Top below are perfect when the cool breeze blows and when you make any form of movement. 

What makes Kimberly's work stand out from most of the up-and-coming designers lies in her fresh take on streamlined silhouettes, clean, simple and chic. The Sun Showers Dress and High Voltage Skirt below both play with geometry in such a flattering way even for petite girls. It's time for show off those sexy calves. J'adore!

Here are the five facts about Kimberly, exclusively for VW.:

1. Kimberly is a book worm. Her parents bought her her first book and thereafter, she spends a huge portion of her life with drown in a book. Through her childhood and growing years, while her other friends got grounded from television or going out, she got her books confiscated.

2. She is by no means a photographer, but apparently, She'd be willing to die for what seems like a good picture in her head.

3. Her favourite cities are London, New York and Tokyo. Right now, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Vietnam sit at the top of her wanderlust wish list. 

4. Her friends would describe her as eccentric, quirky and she is learning to "embrace the weirdness".

5. She loves Bloodbuzz. It's like her baby. But if this wasn't her life, she'd like to be dabbling in writing for an indie-zine or curating a boutique of quirky labels from around the world.

6. This is an exclusive addition by moi. Kimberly is also an avid reader of VW.! (Yay!)

Bloodbuzz's collections are available at their E-store here.

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