Monday, January 9, 2012

Print Art Business.

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park is something not to be missed when you are in New York City during the festive season. More than just a flea market, each vendor gets to enjoy a standalone boutique (instead of the makeshift tables, racks and chairs). It may be more costly but for six weeks of rent, I feel that it's the perfect opportunity to get yourself out there and gain some exposure.

So aspiring photographers out there, other than posting your photos on Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr (in hopes of selling a print or two), here are two inspirations to keep you going - Creative Letter Art and Studio Manhattan.

Creative Letter Art plays a lot with your imagination - anything and everything can be turned into alphabets. The idea is pretty smart and innovative but for US$5 a photo, I think it serves more as a reminder that you can easily take your own alphabet photographs. This is only possible if you stay in places like NYC or anywhere in Europe. For people living in the urban jungle like Singapore, it will definitely take an extra effort.

Studio Manhattan makes use of amazing travel photography (mainly graffiti art) and translates it into a retail line. What can I say? Everyone desires a wallet, bag, belt, pouch or even an iPhone casing. With high quality printing on high quality leather, there's certainly something for everyone.

Let's just say I decided to splurge a little and bought my very first clutch. Fancy a guess? I'll reveal it real soon..

Are you inspired?

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