Friday, March 2, 2012

Daddy's Shirt.

Here's what happened to my Daddy's shirt: One day, he decided to throw three of his shirts away and I took them all in (like Salvation Army). One of them is this verticle striped shirt made by L. Casarini (a french label that is nowhere to be found online. If you find it, let me know!). And yes, with absolutely no idea how to deal with my Dad's unwanted clothes, they sat in my closet for several months. So one morning came, I was having a wardrobe-block and was going to be seriously late. Something happened to me (or maybe the fashion designer in me took over for (sadly) a very short while), I took out this shirt and chop the sleeves off (leaving the hem on) and the result? A versatile tailored shirt dress! 

For this look, I wore the shirt as a top and matched it with a pair of jeans (of a darker shade of pink) and shoes (of also, an even darker shade). One trick to wearing a monochrome (or single-coloured) look is to play with different tones of the same colour, in my case - pink. Another trick is accessorise with just one different colour (in my case - bronze) of the same colour group, such as matching white with silver accessories, to maintain the overall focus of colour. 

Top, recycled Daddy's shirt (worn as top); Jeans, Cheap Monday; Necklace, recycled Aldo's bag handle; Belt, Urban Outfitters; Bangle, Sister's; Butterfly Ring, H&M.

And for this look, instead of buttoning all the way to the bottom, I only did the first two to reveal another shade of pink worn beneath. Doing so certainly adds a little drama when you walk in the wind. I matched it with a pair of black oval-pattern shorts to keep the mix of patterns subtle - verticle stripes and ovals. And finally, my purple suede Dr. Martens tops it off perfectly with a punch of bold colour - again, in the same colour group

Shirt, recycled Daddy's shirt; Tank top (worn inside), Uniqlo; Shorts, G2000; Necklace, Ring from Dorothy Perkins; Belt, Nicholas; Shoes, Dr. Martens.

Final verdict: Which one is your favourite - monochrome or subtle mix with punch of colour?



Anonymous said...

i really like them both!! they're both very innovative and good look'n!

viona said...

Thank you! It's amazing how we can recycle fashion!

viona said...

Time to ransack daddy's closet! :)


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