Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Patchwork Perfect.

Over the past few years, I've noticed an influx of designer hopefuls vying for a slice of Singapore's fashion cake. With such a small serving, there's obviously not enough for everyone let alone the icing. But Audrey, the winner of Star Creation 2010, enjoys her sweet ending having landed an assistant designer stint for home-grown label Raoul

Audrey is wearing one of the key looks from her capsule collection, 'Amalgamation'. It's amazing how she fuses four different textures - wool, leather, organza and polyester - perfectly together without one outshining the other. The streamlined cut of the dress and rectangular shapes of the patchwork allow us to really appreciate the simplicity of various fabric textures. Audrey then tops it off with a unique gold-tipped collar true to her personal style.

What else do you need other than clean accessories to complete the entire look?  Raoul's silver sling bag and Jeffrey Campbell's maroon tassel loafers. C'est tout!

So who's gonna get the share of the cake this year? Check out the sketches of Audi Star Creation 2012's 12 finalists here



Cecylia said...

I love the patchwork detailing!! Great colour combination!

How have you been?!

viona said...

Hi Cecylia! The detailing is amazing and Audrey is so talented! I've been great! Hope Melbourne is treating you alright. :)


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