Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Just A Photo.

Let me give you some heads up: this post may be a little self-indulgent (heh!). I'm not going to brag but I've won Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard's Imaging Fashion Street Fashion Photography Contest! Okay, no long speech or anything but I considered myself really lucky considering the growing number of exceptional street style photographers in Singapore. They must have forgotten to submit their photos. Seriously! 

Having your photograph printed larger than life and displayed along Orchard Road doesn't happen every day. You can imagine how excited I was after surviving that deadly crossing from H&M to Mandarin Gallery (Yes, it was a crowded Saturday afternoon), looking at the first three and finally mine. .. 

I tried my best to resist myself from shouting out loud to everyone around me, "Hey! This is my photo! What Up!". I was that excited. Then, I decided to take a few steps back and observe the passers-by's reaction to my photo. This is when it started to get a little interesting: kids climbing onto the platform and giving Angie a little swipe, foreign dudes sitting down, chilling for a bit, and tourists taking photos with it. Now that's funny. 

And then there were people who stopped, read my caption and shared their opinions with their friends. Part of me really wonders what exactly do people really think of my work? I feel that getting feedback from people from various backgrounds certainly is a plus point and I would love to attach an opinion box right beside it. 

What's more interesting about a street fashion photograph is that it is relatable and easily creates different talking points:

1) Would you wear a single-coloured outfit? 
2) If so, which colour?
3) How would you layer your outfit?
4) Isn't her sweater too warm for Singapore's weather?

And a whole lot more. This is exactly why street fashion intrigues me. Its unpredictability and realness make fashion so fun and enjoyable. 

How about a cheesy touristy photo to top it off? I don't usually do this but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so..  Here's to more dressing adventures on the streets! Cheers!


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Cecylia said...

Congratulations Viona! You definitely deserved it. The crsip green ensemble is a breath of fresh air :)


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