Friday, April 6, 2012

Paul Smith Fanatic.

Mixing prints and colours is certainly Jeffrey's forte. Admiring his Paul Smith ensemble from his bow tie, shirt and belt to pants, bag, socks and shoes (except for his Ray-Ban shades), I was pretty sure Jeffrey is from the fashion industry.

You think so, too? Well.. you (and I) are completely wrong! Jeffrey works in the IT industry (say whatttt?) and he simply enjoys putting together a stylish look. What can I say... he broke all my stereotypical wall of IT geeks and he's probably the most stylish IT professional.

Jeffrey's favourite piece of his look is the label's multi-striped socks, "Its psychedelic print best represents Paul Smith's signature." I'm diggin' those pair of loafers too!



Jeffrey said...

Thanks for coverage Viona!
Your photo makes me look smart!

blogloving said...

The whole look is fabulous !

Veno Lim said...

He just like HK Star even better than that!!!!

viona said...

You're most welcome, Jeff! :)

viona said...

Well.. some of my friends think that it's a bit too much. What do you think? Should he lose the pants? Keep the comments coming!


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