Monday, February 4, 2013


Yes, it's my version of Instagram, hence, allow me to introduce the #Vinstagwam! Instagram is part of our lives now, after the explosion of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, gosh, when does the list stop? Everyone's a sucker for beautiful photos right? Based on a recent research, #1 Instagram hashtag goes to #love and #2 to #instagood (er.. I'm not sure exactly how this hashtag catagorises photos so it's not counted) and #3 goes to #me.

Who doesn't love #love? I do. But sadly, I don't post photos about it unless it's V day or something heart shaped? Of course, Instagram is a perfect medium for all the narcissists in the world to share with the world photos of themselves. Let's not go there. So what I am doing with #Vinstagwam is to share with you a weekly roundup of four of my favourite or most popular photos on my Instagram. It ain't easy to think of a good caption all the time when you're on the move and sometimes these captions don't explain the entire story behind the photo. Sharing them on Twitter with a 140 characters limit ain't gonna get the story across either. So here goes my virgin #Vinstagwam (starting chronologically, clockwise from top left):

1) 'Still can't (get) enough of Gotye and Kimbra live last night!'
This is one music event in Singapore I'll never miss for the world - Laneway Festival. Danced in the rain at its launch in 2011, enjoyed the perfect spot (standing in the middle of the stages and the slope at Fort Canning for an eye-level view) when they first introduced two stages in 2012 and this time round, I screamed my hearts out for Alt-J, Of Monsters And Men, Tame Impala and then lost my voice when Kimbra joined Gotye on stage for the all-time favourite, Somebody I Used To Know. I was so close, just four rows away. Imagine the epic-ness.

2) 'I dreamed a dream, that the beauty of nature will set me free.'
I usually share my travel photos and non-fashion or street style related photos on Instagram. This particular shot was taken two years go on a beach in Mornington, Australia. My family and I were on our way back when I spotted this lady out there, as though searching for something. I'm not sure what she was looking for but I love the idea that sometimes, a landscape photo of nature looks a lot better when a human being was captured in the shot. In a way, we can't do without nature and nature can't do without us.

3) 'It's a floral pump party at Robe Raiders! Nicholas Kirkwood's awesomeness.'
We don't get to see Nicholas Kirkwood's shoes up close here in Singapore so I was blown away when I found a pair at Robe Raiders' latest showroom sale. Too bad it's size 37.5 (too small). I would love to afford it secondhand but it's still way out of my budget. Love how Nicholas Kirkwood paired floral prints with bold black lines and made it look so pretty.

4) 'Mosaic Sky'
ION Orchard has been around for a few years now. If I remember correctly, it used to be an amusement park where loads of Filipinos were hanging out. It's inevitable that another shopping mall popped up at Orchard Road but ION Orchard made itself a landmark in our shopping district with its amazing architecture and retail space. I took this shot while I was waiting for a friend.

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