Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scott & Garance.

When New York Fashion Week 2011 started, I was hoping to bump into street style power couple - The Sartorialist and Garance DorĂ©. I kind of did but you know what happens when you are so starstruck that you just don't have the courage to approach them to say hi. Fancy walking up to Scott with he was busy shooting people and looking stern (like the image below)? No thanks. Just like how people get crazy over celebrities and musicians (rubbed shoulders with Michael Douglas, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Cuba Gooding Jr and others), while fashion bloggers go gaga over fashion editors, street style photographers, designers and models. When fashion week ended, I was vexed with just a few candid shots of them. 

So imagine how elated I was when Scott Schuman posted about “Gary Cooper: Enduring Style” Book Signing event. I am so NOT gonna miss this!

So there I was, walking around the boutique with a glass of wine in my hand, pretending to flip through a book while looking out for Scott or Garance. Then, a camera flash caught my attention and there Scott was, with his assistant behind him, doing his thing of course.


Voila! After a few glasses of wine, I finally found the guts to go up to them and start a conversation. It's amazing! Got to chat with Garance first and when she headed out for a breather, I caught up with Scott. It's interesting how unique and different their take on street style is, and inspiring that they are able to master it so well. 

Here are some scoops, specially for you readers.

1) They met when they were shooting on the streets. (how sweet!)

2) They don't shoot street style together. Scott stays on the streets most of the time while Garance usually arrange appointments with her subjects.

3) Garance loves New York City and moved over for Scott. She finds New Yorkers more adventurous when it comes to their dressing.

4) Scott cycles all over New York City, mainly in Manhattan, from Uptown to Downtown to shoot all the time! However, majority of his shots were taken in SoHo.

5) Indeed, people are more conscious about dressing up during fashion weeks. But like how Scott does it spontaneously on the streets every day, he captures real fashion.

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