Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brown Blond Blue.

Speaking of hair issues, Genevieve from the up-and-coming local fashion label, 20:TWOTHREE, goes for exactly what she wants. Her love for bright multi-hues (four shades in total! Ombre, purple, blond and blue.) took her almost nine hours at the hair salon. Her Asian black roots didn't stop her, "after first bleaching my hair, my hair ends became very brittle and started breaking. I had to cut them off but I love my hair now!" 

So, if you are like me, who is still considering dying your hair ends, be ready to condition your hair thoroughly every day (Genevieve's advice). Well.. whatever happens, you can always cut them and they will eventually grow back right? Gonna to get my bleach and hair dye now. P.S: Isn't her fur vest absolutely gorgeous?

20:TWOTHREE will be launched this 14th April so stay tuned!


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