Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Go Fly Kite.

While everyone is glued onto the livestreaming sites (which means waking up at odd hours, Singapore's GMT+8 is no joke!) or latest runway photos of Fall 2012 fashion week, let me talk about what is actually available in stores now - 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

This season, the Cambodian-American creative director, Phillip Lim ambled along the memory lane with an ensemble of pastel brights and black - a palette reminiscence of his childhood in the 90s, and a reference to kites. The geometrical shape of kites saw streamlined silhouettes and clean designs (with only one print), "tops and dresses sewn from rectangular panels", and trails of cloth extended at the end just like the kite tails.
Known for his sportswear aesthetic, Phillip Lim included denim this time round and the end result? A transformation jacket-to-duffle bag wonder. Indeed, versatility brings fashion designs up a notch! The vest can be worn two ways, the normal way or by hanging it on your shoulders. And with a quick play of the zippers, it is turned into a bag. I would use it either way for sure since the thickness of the denim is thankfully suitable for Singapore's weather. 

I have to admit, I have a thing for all-white accessories be it bags, belts, shoes and the everything else. But sadly, I hardly own any mainly because they are really hard to maintain. Once there's a stain, there's always the stain. Before I find out the magical ways to keep them clean and oh so pretty, I'll stick to admiring the white-out version of the 31 Hour bag. For somebody who needs a day bag to store literally everything you own (it is super spacious), suits every occasion and enables you to throw them anywhere (not literally), the 31 Hour bag collection (in both polished leather and denim selections) is absolutely perfect. 
3.1 Phillip Lim is available at: 
02-05 Hilton Hotel, Tel: 6304 1350

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