Friday, February 17, 2012

Treasure Trove.

One can never have enough stash of accessories. This is especially so when it comes to somebody like me, who loses one or two whenever I travel. I have officially passed on the ownership of several rings, earrings and even bracelets to some Mary, Linda or Patricia (top ten most common female names). It's hard to let them go but what to do? Let bygones be bygones. Then again, I wouldn't have room for more exciting and interesting finds right? 

That brings me to curatededitions, an online accessories boutique set up by Angie Lai with one simple idea - sharing the love for fashion. Arm candies fanatics, this is your time to pile on more! 

Angie's quirky and edgy sense of style is seen in her collection of statement pieces, often with a burst of bold colours (like red, pink and turquoise) and mix of various metals. The wide range of necklaces (I'm eyeing the leather chain necklaces), chokers, cuffs (mostly made of neatly crafted leather), bracelets, collars and 1970s vintage sunglasses (collected by Angie's uncle) are carefully curated from her travels all over the world. The  Palermo Leather Bracelet Set, comes in groups of three in amazing colour combinations, are made of pure leather (two thicker ones have a metal bar screwed onto it - creating sleek clean lines, and one thinner strap for the final touch up).

Asian labels including Hong Kong's Venna (below) known for super luxe signature necklaces, interesting collar designs from Fave by Kenny Li , and Malaysia's bag label, KLutched are the first few to be showcased, with more coming up real soon (hopefully more from Asia!). 

Shop curatededitions now.

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