Thursday, May 10, 2012


Why do all style shots by renowned photographers are done in the open? Street style shots done indoors aren't as pretty due to the artificial lighting. When I was forced into Mandarin Gallery with the heavy rain outside, I kind of gave up looking for subjects. But two people caught my eye and I knew at once, I have to shoot them.

So first up, a lecturer from a polytechnic. His outfit speaks of one important styling tip: one statement jacket is all you need. I know his vintage Birkin is irresistible but his cropped jacket from Singaporean label, DEPRESSION is dope. And did I mention, he's a lecturer?

This certainly proves that your profession doesn't matter, anyone can be stylish.
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Fount said...

Hi Viona

Thanks for featuring me. Our friends have set up an interesting fashion retail/editorial site that I would like to share. Check out:


viona said...

You're most welcome! I hope you like the photos. That's great! I'll definitely check it out. :)

Fount said...

You are a great photographer! Cool shots! And the people you featured are awesome!


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