Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rock Chic.

It's hard to wear a two-tone vest without looking like a jester. I like how Cherry matches her black and white vest with an all-white ensemble. With that, her outfit certainly makes her jet black cropped hair stands out too. Of course, to complete a rock chic look, you can't leave out a statement chain mill necklace like hers.  
Currently studying Fashion Marketing at NAFA, Cherry is serving her internship for a semester at Club 21. A Topshop fan she is, her top, shirt and necklace are all from Topshop, vest is from Taiwan and her see-through oxfords are from A Lodge.

I would love to own a pair like this but given my sweaty feet, I'm not sure if I'll feel as comfortable with the plastic sticking onto my feet. :(


Cherry Ju said...

It was great to meet you;) Thanks for your awesome article, keep in touch!

viona said...

Hey Cherry! Nice meeting you too! Thanks for letting me photograph you. See you soon! :)


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