Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black Beauty.

One main reason why editors Taylor Tomasi Hill, Kate Lanphear, Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia are the new celebrities of the fashion scene has got to be the growth of street style photography. Given their expertise in fashion and style, there isn't why they have gained a cult following. More photos = more publicity = more coverage = more fans = more shopping = more $$$$.

After so many seasons and so many shot of the same faces, it's about time to make room for 'newcomers'. So when I found out that Singaporean editors have caught the eyes of Tommy Ton and The Sartorialist, I know it's time.

Here is Female Singapore fashion writer, Caroline Suganda with her fresh cropped hair and all-black ensemble. You got to admit, the all-black outfit never gets out of style. There's still mysteriously cool thing about black that no one can resists! I remember meeting her first at our very own version of Fashion Nights Out, Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard, and since then I've been trying to grab hold of her for a shot. I'm not sure how open the local editors are but I had a bad experience with one from a major magazine. 
Caroline is wearing Maison Martin Margiela top, Reckless Ericka skirt, Alexander Wang bag, Ray-ban and cute cut-out oxfords from Korea. Don't you like how she mixes designs from all over the world? I give her an extra thumb-up for supporting local label, Reckless Ericka!

Then the question comes, cropped hair or long feminine tresses? I definitely can't pull off Givenchy sweater as well as her, prolly gonna sweat my ass off in our crazy weather. But I think she rocks in both. 


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