Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hi Readers!

For you lucky iPad owners out there, prepare to spend more time on your iPad, less on your beloved ones and more on my random sh*t. Ha! Singtel has just launched a free app (yes, it's FREE) today, called NewsLoop, to give you a one-stop access to all things important (my blog content especially). Yes, one touch and you get to read news, lifestyle stories, MY fashion updates and many others. 

Well.. for my blog to be selected alongside BBC, Reuters and ESPN, it certainly proves something - that my stuff is pretty awesome! This also means I have to will be blogging more often now to make sure you guys stick to your iPad (and of course your mobile and computers for the non-iPad owners like moi). Enjoy!

I'm heading off for the launch event now. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@vionawang). :)

Photo credit: NewsLoopNET-A-PORTER

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