Sunday, July 15, 2012

Style Lessons From NYFW #1.

Attending New York Fashion Week is one of my career blogging highlights yet. Read more about my experiences and check out my street style shots here. I can't help reminiscing the good ol' times so there I was, looking through my archives and saw some street style shots I want to share with you.

I know the weather in NYC compared to that of Singapore is like heaven and earth but when I was there in September for the S/S '12 shows last year, some days, surprisingly, it felt like home. We all know the Big Apple is known for their adventurous yet stylish but sometimes outrageously over-the-top fashion. I'm not a style expert but these are just some fashion for thought and you choose whether or not you agree with me. Leaving your comment is certainly awesome (at least I know who are the people out there who finds my crap writing worth reading). So here goes...

Style Lesson #1: Keep your childhood in your childhood

Yes, I know they are adorable. One multi-coloured schoolbag may be cute, but adding your watermelon handbag/lunchbox, and worse still your Lolita dress (definitely happy for you that it still fits but seriously) and gloves makes you look like an over-grown child.

One is enough: I would keep to just the schoolbag or the watermelon bag and match it with a colour-blocking outfit.

Wow. I hope I didn't sound too nasty. Don't worry, the rest of the lessons are actually not bad. Just wanna see the response to this. ;)



Eagerly awaiting the next installments! :)

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