Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nifty Fit.

Having known Ridhwan for a couple of years now, it's only a matter of time for me to feature him here. A renown illustrator (have you seen his beautiful sketches for Style: Magazine), photographer and writer of local blog, ONESIXTYNOTEPAD, Ridhwan usually goes for the blazer-with-shirt combi with little touches, like this flower brooch he bought from Far East Plaza. He's certainly one of the few guys who can pull it off!

What's more is the way he carries his bag (it's Calvin Klein btw). Fold the tote bag into half and that's a clutch for ya. 
Sometimes, that's all you need to complete your look. Keep it simple yet stylish. Forget about all those OTT prints, bright-till-your-eyes-go-blind colours and headpieces only ADR can pull off.
Here's the breakdown: Blazer and pants from Mind Bridge, Calvin Klein bag and Dr. Martens shoes. 

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