Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day in Life of a Fashion Stylist.

... Actually, make that four days!

Looking at all the editorial spreads and campaign ads on the glossy pages of magazines, I never thought I would, one day, be part of the complicated creative process of fashion photography. Assisting photo shoots doesn't count (first at ELLE Singapore, then at The Straits Times URBAN newspaper) but it definitely paves your way towards having your creative input to create that final 'That's it! We've got it!' shot. 

Day 1: 
That said, it all started with an offer by a friend, in need of somebody to fill the position of a stylist who pulled out in the last minute. I took up the opportunity naturally and begun spamming myself with Fashion Gone Rogue brainstorming of styling ideas. 

Day 2:
Then came the sourcing for clothes, shoes and accessories, when I wish I had super teleportation and self-cloning powers to loan as many items as possible a day before the shoot. It was a Friday and I only had three hours after work. What a workout! 

Day 3: 
My assistant for the photo shoot? The Boyfriend, who took care of transporting the clothes to the studio (I'm not that evil, or am I?). The photo shoot was a teaching class for aspiring photographers with interests in fashion photography, conducted by renown fashion photographer, Skye Tan. There were three different editorial looks in total - beauty, glamour and edgy - where we played with a variety of photography techniques. I enjoyed the creative process very much, especially the sharing of ideas with both Raudha (makeup artist) and Skye himself. 

Day 4:
I almost forgot about the returning of clothes. This day is indeed a relieving process where the number of bags you carry slowly drops to zero. Next photo shoot? 

Photography: Skye Tan
Model: Natalie Dickson, 
wearing Koonhor metallic top, Proudrace dress 
and Alexandria Chen leather harness
Styling: Viona Wang
Makeup: Raudha Raily Mahmud


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