Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Pardon my absence for past few days. Was occupied (still am actually. My cousins are playing mahjong in the living room at this moment right now) with one of my favourite events of the year, Chinese New Year (#cny). Schedule was packed with spring cleaning, relatives visiting, mahjong playing and finally ang bao ($$$ gift which the younger ones receive from their seniors) collecting. Now you know why it's one of my favourite events of the year. 

If you've been following me on #Vinstagwam (otherwise, you should!), you would have seen some of my black and white street shots (taken when I was in New York two years ago) prior to the first day of New York Fashion Week. I had a BLAST attending the fashion shows and I have so many more fashion and non-fashion related photos to share with you. But before that, allow me to take you a trip down memory lane last week (starting clockwise from top left). 

1) 'Konnichiwa to my virgin art collection - 'Whisper' by SG painter Zaya'
This painting, the first to kick start V's art collection, was a gift from my guy. He received it when he met the Singaporean artist Zaya and knowing me best, he decided to give it to me. Thou it ain't the actual painting (digital print), I can still admire its details, especially the kimonos worn by the traditional Japanese ladies (possibly geishas). If you take a closer look, the lady on the left wears a tiger design while the other a dragon. I love it so much I went to buy a frame immediately and now it holds a special place in my room where I get to see it every day. 

2) 'Neon lights are back in action!'

With so many LED lights, I thought I would have never seen neon signs (except for names of old night clubs) ever again. But when I went to Haji Lane last week, this clothing store caught my eye from far and I just couldn't take my eyes off it. O-Mighty is a known for their vintage clothing and tongue-in-cheek ol' school interior. They have tonnes of clothes and accessories for sale, you need one full day to sift through their racks of quirky designs. They have an online shop too! 

3) 'I have never considered used paper cups as an inspiration but why not?'

I photographed this girl in recycled paper cups while I was camping outside Calvin Klein's SS'12 show. She suddenly appeared out of nowhere, obviously seeking for some attention from the paparazzi and obviously got her point across - Recycled products for fashion? Or paper cups can be an inspiration! You decide.

4) 'And the feasting begins... #cantresist'

Well.. who can? These ain't sugar-coated cocktail sausages (as perceived by my guy), they are the mega-awesome PINEAPPLE TARTS! Available all year round with the perfect balance of pineapple filling and crust, given its calories content unfortunately, my family decided to eat it once a year so imagine when I had the honour to peel the scotch tape around it and reveal its greatness. I had to capture the moment. Fancy a try of my childhood most wanted #cny snack worth every calorie count? Two words: Bengawan Solo

Till next week! In the meantime, follow #Vinstagwam here

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