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#Vinstagwam, a.k.a Viona's weekly Instagram roundup is just column which shares with you, readers who prefer to enjoy viewing images on a larger screen rather than squinting your eyes on your teeny weeny smart phones. It's an extension to behind-the-instagram stories on when, where, how, why I share my images with you. Not necessarily fashion-related, these photos can be taken from anywhere and has a special place in my heart. Starting clockwise from left, here's a sneak peek into my adventures!

1) Family roots: Grandma looking sleek and chic! (third from left, taken in China)
I recently got in touch with my uncle (my grandfather's younger brother's son) during Chinese New Year and he invited my family and I to check out his timber factory. While hanging out with him in his office, he shared with me his collection of super old photos (almost ancient!) taken when he was a kid (he was born in the Fujian province, China), before embarking on a journey to Singapore at barefly 10 years old. See the baby boy right smack in the middle? Yeah, that's him. The ultra cute baby wearing traditional shorts with holes at the front and back for easy peeing and popping. 

The lady carrying him is my great grandmother. She's da BIG SISTA yo! And to her right, the poised lady with a white Cheongsam top is my grandmother! The rest of the ladies are my aunts (my grandfather's sister-in-laws) and the dudes, my grandfather's younger bros. I've never seen my grandmother so young before (by the time I grew up, she's already in her 60s). She's 93 now. I'm a sucker for old school photos, so imagine how thrilled I was!

2) Hanging out with Kate at the ELLE office!
It was Throwback Thursday - the perfect day for me to show off my photo with Kate! This was taken two years ago in 2011 when I was interning at in the Big Apple. Thank God my seat was next to the fashion room which was next to Kate's office. The sight of Kate walking pass my table was always breathtaking. It's like my world pauses for a moment as I admire her, her outfit, her hair, her everything until she disappears into her office. Yes, I admit, I'm a Kate stalker (and super proud of it!). 

So this day happened when I simply when out of my head and decided to knock on Kate's door. She was at the desk and turned and looked at me. I was literally hyperventilating! So I calmed myself down and introduced myself, 'Hi! I'm an intern from Singapore and I was just wondering if you can take a look at my resume and give me some advice on my career path?' At that moment, I was so prepared to be turned down and never ever gonna face myself to Kate again. But Kate responded in her uber cool tone, 'Sure! Let's arrange for an appointment sometime next week,' looked at her online calendar and turned towards me, 'how about next Tuesday?' The rest was history. Wanna know what happened after?

3) What an apt setting for the arrival for (kite) Spiderman! #nofilter #latergram
Did you know that kite-flying is almost impossible in Singapore mainly due to its crazy and unpredictable weather? I've postponed reminiscing my favourite childhood pastime three days before I decided to just try my luck last Friday. It was sunny all afternoon, driving my hopes so high until the mighty dark clouds gathered at 5ish p.m. Too bad I was already at Marina Barrage flying my kite, a.k.a. Buffalo Wings, now with the fear of getting strike by lightning. But no, heaven was too kind. Clouds began to clear, giving way to an opening of amazing, jaw-dropping light rays. Imagine the arrival of a Goddess or an Angel from the sky. You know the natural (first world) reaction: I have to instagram this! But this shot with Spiderman isn't accidental. The cutest, tongue-in-cheek superhero kite I've seen so far has Spidey holding on to the thread while flying. 

4) How did illustrator Mikito Ozeki manage to create this mega huge cutout?! #dope
By the time you read this, (I'm sorry) the art exhibition showcasing nine street artists from Japan, Tokyo Street has ended. But you can still check it out, in a form of press release at the organiser, Ikkan Art International's website. This particular artwork is by the renown cutout artist Mikito Ozeki. He basically uses his penknife and cuts out all kinds of shapes and sizes on a plain piece of paper (this one of an urban robot is especially huge. It's at least 5m long!). Note: he does it without any prior planning. WTF?! Yeah, that was my first reaction too. It's too f**king cool not to share with you! I seriously hope he collaborates with a fashion designer soon!

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