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By now, you would have realised I'm a huge fan of Paul Smith. But I'm not Paul's Poodle (the cute mixed breed above is). Having met the designer, Sir Paul Smith himself last year (the thought of taking a photo of him staring straight at me still gives me goosebumps!), shared with you about his work and even the non-fashion related store d├ęcor (I want every single one of them), I can officially declare that I've almost traveled a full fashion circle. Your truly is still saving up (more like contemplating a new plan) to own one of Paul Smith's designs and possibly go on a lunch date with him.

No, I'm not sucking up to international brands just because I was invited to view the collection whatsoever. The truth is, I love the world Paul Smith has created. Living in his world is luxurious yet fun and witty with a touch of fantasy.

So there I was, back in Paul Smith's fantasy land, a.k.a. the flagship store at Mandarin Gallery, in search of my favourites from his Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Of course, I've gotten the prices for you, just so you can shop away and complete the Paul Smith's fashion circle pour moi.

 photo _MG_4169.jpg

1.Long Sleeve Shirt with Red Floral Prints (S$540) - For those who can't get enough of white shirts (me), here's one with a peekaboo floral print to amp up your OL image.

 photo _MG_4159.jpg

2. Mixed Lace Top (S$1940) - This ain't just a showcase of cut-and-paste. I love the interesting textures created with a variety of lace and how weather appropriate it is.

 photo _MG_4146.jpg

3. Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt in Polka Dots with Rose Hem (S$410) - You've got the peekaboo white shirt for the ladies, here's a peekaboo one for the gents. I know this is menswear but I'm gonna wear it anyway. 

 photo _MG_4154.jpg

4. Seagal Perforated Lace Up Shoe in Buffalo Leather (S$650) - How awesome is this pair of oxfords? The punched out polka dots are both cool and practical.

 photo _MG_4126.jpg

5. Dressed Skull Key Ring (S$210) - Skulls aren't just dead. Sometimes, they head out to the beach and have loads of fun!

 photo _MG_4138.jpg

6. Assorted Handkerchiefs (from S$70) - I have a thing for guys who have a handkerchief in their shirt pocket and I love photography, so these are just brilliant. 

 photo _MG_4208.jpg

7. Assorted Mens Leather Belts (from S$180) - I know, I know they are for men but who cares, really?

 photo _MG_4131.jpg

8. Assorted Mens Silk Ties (from S$170) - My Dad has a specific taste for ties. He only wears those with geometric patterns that are made of basic shapes, covering the background of the tie. Can you spot them?

 photo _MG_4183.jpg

Till next time, Paul Smith!

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