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You must be wondering what is this sad looking figurine with a beaten oversized box head and bandaged body. Say Hello! to Tau-Pok King. Tau-pok is the beancurd with a brown wrinkled skin that is commonly found in your favourite laksa but unlike the rest of the tau-poks out there, Tau-Pok King - Deep fried countless times, a True Survivor - is created by Mighty Jaxx and Daniel Yu exclusively for Kult's latest creative project, Unbreakable.

An extension of Kult Magazine's tenth issue (also themed unbreakable), Unbreakable is a range of streetwear, artworks and products (you can buy Tau-Pok King at S$50) created with designs in collaborations with local and international artists.

Kult's social message is clear: highlighting the youths of today, who are often 'depressed, demotivated, and generally confused about life and their future.'

 photo _MG_4539.jpg

'From the moment we are born, we are faced with pressures and challenges. It's an ongoing battle. Pressure is what moulds us and shapes us into the person we are. To get through it all - and to come out the other side - takes grit, backbone and determination.'

I'm grateful that our generation is spared the tragedy of world wars but in the modern times now, we are faced with a completely different set of problems. We are so sheltered we lose our confidence easily and some are deprived of the drive to achieve greatness. We need a wake up call (or more like 'You better wake up your idea!') for a change of attitude, to be able to dare to dream and fight for the change we want in our society. Big words and dreams indeed. But big things do start small, just like Unbreakable.

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Be sure to look out for this larger than life Unbreakable hand sign (hard to miss!), part of their pop up shop, at multi-label boutique Blackmarket. This particular hand sign, drawn by Singaporean artist Russell Ong, was also featured the issue's front cover. I would have never imagine turning illustrations into life size work of art but it's such a dope idea. Don't you think it makes illustrations more alive with greater impact than their original 2D form?

 photo _MG_4505.jpg

To make limited edition wearable art is one thing (you've got three unisex tees, one dress and one top to choose from in Unbreakable's first collection. Be sure to keep a lookout for their second installment here) but making it unbearably desirable is another. I'm referring to the black aluminium case that comes together with every purchase. Its cover embossed with Kittozutto's 'wired' interpretation of the theme definitely makes it a collector's item. I shall leave it to you to find out!

 photo _MG_4528.jpg

One does not simply leave you awesome readers with nothing eh? Thanks to the awesome folks of Kult, I'm giving away three of my favourite t-shirt design from the collection - Warrior Tee by Mojoko (S$50)! I can get lost just by looking at all the different types of warriors featured in the black and white collage. That includes really random ones such as a cute unicorn and the main character of the classical Chinese epic novel, Journey to the West, Monkey God, a.k.a. 孙悟空 (Sun Wukong).

 photo Lookbook6.jpg

All you have to do is to follow these steps:

1) Head down to the Unbreakable pop up shop at Blackmarket (hint: Orchard Central Level 2)

2) Put together an outfit, wearing one of the Unbreakable tees (be sure to bring along your own stash of skirt, pants or shorts coz there ain't many in stores)

3) Take a selfie in the dressing room and make sure your entire outfit from head to toe can be seen like what I did below:

 photo IMG_20130316_172421.jpg

Lastly, 4) Share it on Instagram with tags @unbreakablesg and #VWlovesKult by 7pm on 31st March. (which is also the last day of Unbreakable pop up shop!)

Three winners with the best looks will be announced by Kult two days after. Size request subject to availability. Only 50 tees are produced so hurry down to Blackmarket now!

Here's the roundup: Frill dress (worn as skirt) by blackheart, iPending necklace, thirtyfour clutch and Design&Play crimson tanned leather oxford - all available at Blackmarket.

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