Thursday, April 4, 2013


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My t-shirt frenzy is far from over, so is my obsession with purple hair. I'm a proud owner of a local designed t-shirt by illustrator Mojoko and of course, my gradual toned purple hair, see those bright purp ends? I think they look much better then dip dyed. It's more natural since my inner layer of hair is lighter instead of just my ends. Okay! Enough about those two. Here's something new: my shades, a.k.a the two tone SXUC Bruno Black 2023 from Australian e-tailer Sunglasses Shop. Black vs white = love. 

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Mixing prints can really go haywire sometimes, you know, OOT. What I did here was matching a unique print (top) with a geometrical pattern (bottom), keeping a simple colour palette of black and white (see: sunnies) with a little purple, of course! You can go vice versa too but since the unique print looks heavier, I'd keep it at the top. Print vs pattern = love also! Finally, one must not left out my new Dr. Martens badass heels!

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Here's the roundup: SXUC sunglasses, kult Unbreakable's Warrior Tee, Zalora skirt, Issey Miyake clutch and Dr Martens heels. 

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The moment you've been waiting for, my virgin SHADES giveaway! Get ready to own this pair of extremely versatile SXUC Bruno Black 2023 (worth S$31) by:

1) Liking Sunglasses Shop here and
2) Leaving the comment, 'I <3 Sunglasses Shop! #VWgiveaway at'

This is as easy as it gets (coz you know, me loves you) so no excuses not to take part. Contest ends on 18th Apr and is open to all my readers. Yes, every single one of you no matter where you're reading this!

Stay tuned for my winner announcement on my Facebook Page. 'Like' if you haven't!

Psst! Sunglasses Shop sells designer brands like Ray-Ban, Prada Sport and loads more. :)

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