Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Army Daze.

I used to tell my friends how hard is it to spot a stylish guy in Singapore. Since I've started street style photography, I begun to spot more guys who stood out from the crowd - to each his own unique style. 

This gentlemen here works as a sub editor for a local female magazine. I find his camo-print sweater very different from the usual ones I've seen and instead of the good ol' dog tags, he wears a cool necklace with not one but three thin long tags, each with a short quote. I remember reading them out but my memory has failed me. Sorry! 

His favourite item from the casual army look is his ultra-durable-until-you-can-anyhow-throw-around tote. It's super soft! If I'm not wrong, his drop crotch pants are from Comme des Garçons. It may seem pretty normal from the front but those checkered back pockets are so darn cute. 

And this fresh pair of Dr. Martens are just super tempting... for me to step on! Love the red stitching!

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