Saturday, June 2, 2012

Screw It!

So you've seen my Mandarin Gallery guy and here's my gurl. I sorta chased her for two levels of the shopping mall for this. It's like one of the street style photography moments where you just knew you wanted to photograph somebody and ran after him or her cause you know you'll get a good shot. Unfortunately, I lost all her details when my iPhone died. But what I can remember was that she was waiting to start her degree as an accountant. Straightaway, I thought if only all accountants could wear something like her, other than the boring suits and pencil skirts. 

The skirt-over-dress trend is certainly one hard to translate from the runway to the realway. It's pretty amazing how she could pull it off so easily here. Layering can be a pain in the butt here in Singapore but she did it nicely wearing leather over a thin sheer dress. And this is not it. You gotta see the details! Not just the accessories, her turquoise-mani-and-blue-pedi combo is just so pretty.

Is this nail cuff cool or what? I am totally in love with it the moment I saw it. I would advise DIY-ing with a long nail isn't a good idea but I was so tempted to do so! If you know where I can buy this, please share!

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