Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fashion Genesis.

Fashion shows come and go. The speed of fashion has increased so fast that we can barely remember looks from two seasons ago. Today's trend becomes outdated tomorrow. But graduate fashion shows stay. Like that of Alexander Lee McQueen's Central Saint Martin graduate collection which was entirely bought over by fashion stylist Isabella Blow and subsequently led to his ultimate fashion career.  Part of his collections were even displayed at his tribute exhibition Savage Beauty at the Met.

Graduate shows to me present fashion in its wildest form. Students have no limits in what they can design and create, ideas are fresh and thought-provoking. These collections set the image for the designers and what they are capable of even if some may not embark on a fashion design career thereafter.

And so, I've made my way to the LASALLE College of the Arts, Re-generation Graduate Fashion Show 2012. Before the guest arrival at the school's basement carpark venue to view 20 collections (six looks each), I sneaked to the backstage, caught some really interesting designs and headed out to watch them come to live.
I'm totally in love with the textures of Daughter of the Sea, by Bi Yue. As the Queen of the sea she will be, light fabrics are layered in a way similar to corals. The way they move on the runway is so natural. Then, fish-scale-like textures in aquatic tones are neatly attached, creating a look that flatters the body. Personally, I'm a fan of nature-inspired collections. Somehow the soft natural colour palettes make me feel at ease. In fact, anything to do with nature makes me feel at ease. 

Structured and ultra wearable designs of Kartika Indah Dewi's The Cross-Bearer are certainly the ones I'd wear for fall. Inspired by Russian imperial cavalry men, the looks have a good mix of masculine and feminine touch. (Pardon me. I can't help but notice the guy's wide-opened expression on the left of the image. It's hilarious!)Bilateral Gynandromorphism by Celestine Wang portrayed the pairing of male and female characteristics in a whole different way. I'm in love with the grungy texture created and also the bold and sharp silhouettes. Tiny details like cut-outs tied with strings certainly lean towards the gaga side and that's not a bad thing at all.   

A Medieval Expedition by Alisha Tukol is another favourite. Distorting the body shape, she uses a variety of shapes and lines to create a rather interesting print. I like how the elegant drapes are clashed with the hardcore metal harness, how the inspirations derived from the past are translated so well to blend in with the future. 
This look froCeltic Twilight by Diana Taufik also another plays with the juxtaposition of both fabric and metal, soft and hard. From the super intricate clean lines and shapes, her craftsmanship deserves to be commended. 
Textures can be created in so many ways. The leather cut-outs by Grace Supandy for Macabre Retaliation, that are put together with rings and made into a sling pouch certainly rank #1 my must-have bag list. When transformed into a cropped top, it's amazingly hot and edgy, totally femme fatale, something I would wear (with a layer underneath of course!). 

Of course, there is always a group that thinks out of the box in terms of using unconventional fabrics such as for that added wow factor. I managed to catch Liu Xuanxiu touching up her designs from Ideal World. She used LED lights and this-material-that-glows-under-special-lighting to create a futuristic collection. Indeed they aren't as wearable compared to the rest, but we were in for a visual fest.

Here's a glimpse of the next name of Singapore's fashion! I have to say, I'm really impressed but the thoughts put into every design in every collection. So who will be the next Eugene Lin, Andrew Gn and Ashley Isham?

I can't wait to find out what the future that lies ahead for them. 
View the complete runway images here.

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