Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Afterthought.

Thinking back two years of blogging when I first started in 2010, having chosen the fashion path right after my six months of exchange in Europe (fyi, I am an Economics graduate), I must say, it has been a crazy fashion shower.

From having first interned at Prada and then blogging about my dresser experience backstage at Audi Fashion Festival 2010 to writing freelance for a local blog and delving into the world of street style to winning several blogging and street style contests, interning at Elle Singapore and two of the industry's biggest fashion websites, and, and covering New York Fashion Week last year, I am truly grateful for everything that has happened, making me what I am as a fashion blogger today.

Then again, when I ask myself, 'Am I a successful fashion blogger?', honestly, I still have a long loooong way to go. Given how competitive this industry is as a whole on a global scale, and how small the local market is in Singapore, there can only be a handful of local bloggers (mostly pioneers) who can deem blogging as a professional career.
Anybody can be a fashion blogger, but what differentiates you from the rest and puts on you a higher level is definitely providing unique content (not just event photos and daily outfit posts) and most importantly how you interact with your readers who eventually become your fans.

You can't believe how thrilled I am to find out that I actually have readers from South Korea, Italy, Ukraine, Costa Rica, South Africa and Slovenia (Wait. Slovenia? Holy cow!). To all of you awesome peeps out there, no matter where you are, here's one BIG FAT THANK YOU HUG!

I have to admit, as I much as I love you all, my readers, other than 'Likes' on Facebook and Instagram (of course, they are great numbers too!), I love to know what you think of my photos, my style, my writing and most importantly, my point of view. If you love me, yes, I want more than just ADR's fashion shower! If you hate me, please do shoot me and criticise me however you wish to, just so I can make this blog better.
Some of you may have already known, I've taken on a full time job to organise Digital Fashion Week - the industry's first fashion week that gives you insights into the world of fashion from any angle. And it has clearly eaten up my time and energy to update this blog regularly. For those who have been checking for updates for the past eleven days, I know I deserve to be shot making you shrug whenever my same face with blue hair appears, rest assured, more amazing street style and fashion are coming your way.

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