Saturday, November 17, 2012

Side Shaved Hair?

Hair is indeed one of the most underrated feature of your body, especially here in Singapore where most people focus on which handbag they carry, which brands they wear, where they dine and all. Ever since I started my street hairstyle hunt with L'Oréal Professionnel Singapore (it's not as easy as shooting street style fashion), I realised that a handful of Singaporeans do give a shit about their hair. Keeping a lookout for them is definitely not easy although many times, I was so tempted to check out all the hair salons on the island. You know, hairstylists naturally have the coolest hair. Well.. thing is, I don't have to resort to that yet, coz thankfully, I manage to spot many hair fashionistas on the streets, not only at Orchard but all the way to Chinatown, Millenia Walk and even the Google office!

When you have the good, you have the bad too. Let me share with you some of my observations:

1) Guys with side shaved hair are flooding the streets now from celebrities, editors to students and Ah Bengs (in case you're wondering, a.k.a. gangsters). I love to find out who started this trend that makes one's head look elongated. The play of Long & Short is a tad too much. 

2) Guys with side shaved hair and, fully gelled and combed are also flooding the streets too. I tried my best looking for one guy who looks amazing with side shaved hair but sadly, none of them stood out. Don't blame me on this. Somebody start another hair trend to make this go away, please. Having said that, side shaved for girls is indeed a new trend that grows on me. Way cool and badass, don't you think?

3) Brown is the most common hair colour for Singaporean ladies, period. I guess most of them are bored with their black tresses and want a colour which is suitable for the corporate world, paving the way for the boring brown. The bad news is, all the aunties jumped onto the hairwagon too. Whether is it the leftover of previous hair dyes (our black roots aren't the perfect canvas for hair colouring - another bad news) or simply because it's the Ah Lian (female version of Ah Bengs) trend, the perfect combi of brown and rebond hair, there are no excuses. It's time to head to the salon, ladies!

Then again, you don't have to dye your hair to look great. The hairsionistas I've featured so far are bold to use their black hair as the perfect backdrop for colourful hair accessories such as headbands, hairbands and hair clips


So anyone of you out there, who resides in Singapore and fancy a mention on both my blog and L'Oréal Professionnel Singapore, feel free to drop me an email ( with your interesting hairstyle and who knows? You may be featured next!


Dman kunis said...

i like you'r post ms viona!! :DDD

viona said...

Thanks for your support! :)

hannah s. said...

I'm really tired of the whole dip dye/ombre hair trend going on. It' sad that people still think it's cool or "stylish" to sport a hair colour that technically doesn't exist in nature. The trend (probably started by Katie Shillingford of Dazed few years back and then Tavi Gevinson) is way past its prime. And to think that there's something called hair chalk right now?!?!

viona said...

Well.. at least people actually DO something with their hair. Isn't it great? I guess most importantly, one should try hairstyles that are unique and express his/her personal style instead of just following the hair trends. WOOT. I just checked out what hair chalk is. Looks fun but too messy for me! Thanks for sharing!


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