Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monroe's Curls.

I think Kizuki has one of the coolest hair ever. A fan of the blonde of the West, Kizuki has been keeping her 1950s look for almost four years and all she does now is simply bleach her dark roots. Kudos to her and you guys out there for enduring the torture of bleaching your roots to maintain your dame! I love her Asian take on the classic Marilyn Monroe's Hollywood curls. In fact, Kizuki made it her own - edgy and androgynous with a touch of femininity. Too cool. And I haven't started on her outfit yet!
Kizuki is a hairstylist and this is her first time taking part in Fide Fashion Weeks, which explains her hairdressing kit in a handy two-tone sling. She gets most of her stuff from Japan, other than her five year old shoes from a German brand, Trippen. So vintage print shirt worn over a beige Peter Pan collar shirt, check. Bright orange suspenders that I adore so much, check. Cute two-tone leather sling, check. Worn-out leather shoes that still look amazing, check. Unconventional beauty and ultra-coolness, CHECK. Do I have to say more? 
There's this thing about females wearing suspenders that I love. Kizuki is the second girl who rocks the menswear trend so well (check out first one here on page 6). I'm on the hunt for suspenders now. How about you? Would you wear suspenders? Comment below!

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