Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hair dying is an addiction. Once you start, you can't stop. When your dark roots start to grow, you dye your hair. When your hair colour or colours fade, you dye your hair. When you want a makeover, you dye your hair. When your period comes, you dye your hair. When you feel like it, you dye your hair. Excuses or not, taking on 2013 with a hairlift ain't an excuse, it's a valid reason.

So there and back again, I was at my favourite seat at Salon #1, thinking about what I should do to my hair this time. If you haven't notice, purple is my boo and I still can't enough get of the hue. And my boo needs a friend, a hair bff to make each other look good. Then, came the fiery bold red. Bang!


High maintenance? Yes. I have to use dark coloured towels so that the dyes don't stain, I have to apply hair mask, UV protecting spray and leave-in hair smoother, whenever I wash my hair (preferably once every two days so your colours don't fade so quickly) which also means more time to prep before I head out, I have to blow dry my hair regularly, I can't wear white tops when my hair is wet to prevent any stains and the list goes on.


Is it all worth it? HELL YEAH! I love it so much! Hair is one of your greatest assets and best accessories. But do look after your mane and take good care of it. A lot of people dyed their hair but did not maintain them properly and they turn out really dry and frizzy. I say it's a great investment on hair products when you wanna dye your hair. There's no point spending so much on hair dying and waste them all on bad maintenance. You gotta have fun with it while you can coz if I have this hairstyle when I'm 50, people will say I'm some crazy old hag.


Happy Birthday, Sis! 

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