Thursday, January 17, 2013


Let's count how many skirts I actually wear out: one. two. That's all. One of which is black and the other denim. And I wear them once every three or four months, maybe? The rest just chill in the drawer, really. One (a black ballerina skirt) almost got to see the light of day but somehow it just doesn't seem to work with any of my tops. Sorry, but I tried. 

What's so nice about wearing skirts? First of all, you got to be aware of revealing your VPL and extra bucks goes into buying seamless undies or even thongs. I'm fine with seamless but thongs, really, with that wedgie all the time? No thanks. Second, upskirts are great for guys but you don't wanna be part of it especially when you're on the escalator, stairs and at the mall (you know, leaning against the glass railing can be fatal sometimes, especially for those pervs looking up while walking straight). Third, wind isn't your best friend, even in Singapore. One sudden gust of wind may just give you your Monroe moment but without a pair of sexy undies, it'll become your Shit, I'm So Screwed I Wanna Die moment. Fourth, shaving your legs is mandatory. No matter how awesome you look in that cute, tight skirt, if you have a few strains of hair dangling on those tonde calves, it's just plain gross. Fifth, crossing your legs while seated is also mandatory. Sorry, sister, even with a pair of sexy undies, I'm sure you don't want the whole world to know what colour underwear you're wearing, especially on the train. Not a fan of the leftover red marks on your knees either. 

I like pants. Pants are comfy; they liberate your legs, and you can jump, run, somersault whenever, wherever you want to, convenient and versatile. Most importantly, I don't have to worry about any of the five skirting issues mentioned above. Allow me to introduce you Ms. Uniqlo (above) and Mr. Cheap Monday (genders chosen are based on how suitable they sound with no association between words 'Ms.' and 'Cheap' simply coz I'm a feminist). I became acquainted with Ms. Uniqlo at NYC Uniqlo's flagship store opening two years ago and brought her home for a whopping USD10. She's so versatile even my boy wore it to work a couple of times before I got jealous. 

Here's the rundown: Corset, Just Cavalli; Pants, Uniqlo; Bag, Topshop; Shoes, Clarks; Cuff, Chomel. Credit: StreetPeek.


Mr. Cheap Monday and I go way back even before Ms. Uniqlo. We met in 2009 while I was having my exchange in Sweden and snagged him at the end of season sale. I'm not a fan of pink but his shade of pink is rare and super rugged. His pink charm caught the eye of Nylon Singapore too.

PhotobucketHere's the rundown: Top, vintage hand-me-down from Daddy; Pants, Cheap Monday; Collar necklace, Diva; Peace necklace, Urban Outfitters; Cuff, from FELDER FELDER; Ring, Dempsey House's Black Market; Bag, Topshop; Shoes, Aldo. Credit: The Stylograph

Okay, here's a gentle reminder to you when you are wearing pants: Do not cross your legs when having your photo taken (you are not wearing a skirt!). Otherwise, you'll have to live with the weird awkward looking camel toe published on a magazine.

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