Thursday, March 7, 2013


Street style is overrated, saturated and boring.

I've heard this many times and I agree that it's getting a little bit out of hand (especially at Fashion Weeks). Street style can be more than just full body or details shots. That's how Street Angel comes into the picture. See the blackboard I'm holding? When you go to the site today, you'll see me. There will also be other 'street angels' but instead of telling the date, they tell the time and it changes - every minute.

I love the concept. But it requires a lot of time and effort to find your subjects since most of them only have the site life of one minute. I'm not sure if he reuses the photos but one day has friggin' 1,440 minutes, which is 1,440 photos!! You win oreddy.

Behind Street Angel is Japanese duo photographer Noriaki and Chester. This is an ongoing project in Singapore and they've been doing it for three years. So why Singapore? 'It's safe. We like the weather and the cost of living is comparable to that of Tokyo. When we miss Japanese food, we can easily find the ingredients here to make them.'

Here's the roundup: Topshop blazer, Cheap Monday jeans, S U P E R M A M A necklace, FELDER FELDER cuff and Aldo shoes.

You win oreddy: A Singaporean slang where instead of the past tense, a change of state can be expressed by adding already (commonly pronounced as oreddy) or liao (/liɑ̂u/) to the end of the sentence, analogous to Chinese 了 (le).

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